Apologising in Europe

So yesterday I went over to Rotterdam for the first time on a business trip. Multiple times in conversation with new contacts or even strangers on public transport I found myself apologising on behalf of the UK. I should have worn my ‘don’t blame me I voted remain’ t-shirt! The minute they find out I’m British, the topic of Brexit comes up with a mix of shock, dismay or even resentment. This is from Dutch people.

The sense of ‘we should be pulling together not pushing apart’ was a clear undertone and that we as Britain seem to be turning out backs on our closest trading partners and friends. It was quite depressing and a feeling of shame that we weren’t able to counter the tide of disenfranchisement (and the misplaced blame of the cause!), xenophobia and anti-EU sentiment being fostered in the run up to the referendum.

We’ve done real damage to our standing in the world, the economic impact hasn’t even really started yet but is going to be very real indeed. There’s still time to change course and reverse this exercise in self-harm.

Word on the street is there is likely to be a general election later this year. The government is incredibly weak after all. The only real national alternative is the Liberal Democrat’s (loads of people have been joining here – https://www.libdems.org.uk/membership-faqs), who will campaign on a promise to reverse Brexit. Or individual campaigners on a case by case basis, especially if they are supported by moreunited.co.uk and make it clear their position on staying in Europe.

It’s not over yet, and we will continue the fight!

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