Welcome to my blog.  You may know me as Craig Fletcher, or if you’re a gamer, “Wizzo”.  you see us gamers like to dual-name ourselves with handles/gamertags just to be awkward! 🙂  I grew up on the south coast of England before heading to Edinburgh University to study medicine; a course I left in my final year to pursue my passion for bringing people together through games.  I founded Multiplay in 1997, which spearheaded gaming events, game hosting and esports in the UK and beyond and was ultimately acquired by  GAME, the high street specialist video game retailer in 2015.  I left the GAME Group at the end of 2017 and now work as an independent gaming and esports consultant, as well as a business angel and investor in science and technology.

I believe games are a powerful source for social change that can help bring people from all walks of life together.  Over the years I’ve found people who play games to be among the most accepting, friendly, generous, supportive, tolerant and understanding members of society and I’m proud to be among them.  Whether it’s working as a team in World of Warcraft with 20+ others to achieve a common goal, or flying among thousands in EvE online to further the cause of your alliance, games truly open social boundaries.

I like to blog about things that inspire me, so hopefully they will inspire others.  I love learning about science & technology, leadership and productivity ideas.  Travelling is something I really enjoy and am lucky to get to do a fair amount, so you may see a few pics from my travels.

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