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Email Composition Tip

Many of us have to deal with a significant volume of email each day, often across multiple accounts.  I’ve often recommended which I use to help keep on top of around 300 emails a day across 5 accounts.  This is low by some standards, although it’s far better than it used to be since I left a management position at the end of 2017.  I’ve also been pretty ruthless at cancelling mailing lists thanks to GDPR notifications!

How many times have you accidentally clicked send on a partially completed email?  How often do you forget the attachment?  Here’s a good way to avoid this, by changing your email sending habit.  Thanks for the tip Sanebox:

“Most email interfaces lead you to first enter the sender’s address, then fill in the subject, then the body, then the attachment (if you don’t forget!). Try reversing the order:

Insert attachment (it’s probably the most important part of the email)
Compose message in the body
Compose subject line (after you wrote the body, the subject will be easier to summarize)
Finally, type in the recipient after you proof-read (this way you avoid the accidental send)”

If you get a lot of email, then I really recommend trying out Sanebox.  They also have a good Inbox Zero Academy, email habit ebook and weekly newsletter with tips and tricks.

If you use my referral code we both get something.  You get $5 off and I get a free month –  Worth a free trial at the very least!