Preparing to Stand

Now is a time to act. We have seen unprecedented steps taken in the last 24h to attack our democracy. With more manoeuvring planned, we cannot sit by whilst our parliament is sidelined by a wannabe dictator.

I’m getting ready to stand in the general election, which is looking almost certain to be called. Should you wish to do something, these are some of the things you can do to help me:

  • Like/follow my social media and help RT/share posts:
  • Sign up to the Liberal Democrats campaign to support an exit from Brexit, especially a no deal, which will cause immense harm to our economy, children’s future and Britain’s standing in the world –
  • When the time comes and I announce where I’m standing, any donations to the campaign will be gratefully received.
  • If you live local to the region (Hampshire), any help you can give delivering leaflets or helping with canvassing will be much appreciated (use contact form below)
  • If you don’t live locally, you can still get involved by helping on social media, offering to be part of a phone bank, or there are a load of other volunteer services you can do (graphics, videography, website updates, etc.). Again use contact form below.

Politics doesn’t have to be like this. Britain deserves better!

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